May 21, 2007

Break Up: The Band

Sadly, Phonogram is over. But it promises to be back. Otherwise, we'd just be suspect to some crappy cover bands playing the same boring singles. In other words, I would have been writing my own fanfic. You can get the trade soon.

Meanwhile, look for artist Jamie McKelvie's new solo project, Suburban Glamour, in an upcoming Previews. Apparently it's about skateboarding fairies. Is there any other kind?

Warning: Personal Notes Ahead:
This summer I'll be planning a wedding (Yes, my own.) and preparing for my first semester as a high school teacher, so posts may be spotty. I still have plans to do a new podcast and other cool things, but they are not high priorities. I mainly do this blog for my own enjoyment and enrichment. If you're into it, please let me know. I'd hate to disappoint any fans if they actually exist.