Jul 15, 2010

We Didn't Write It

Not so long ago, Copy, Right?, fully supplied all the cool, unexpected covers you could ever need. I don't propose to ever replace her, but I will offer up a few of my favs from time to time. (And it appears there's a list of other blogs on the old site worth investigation.)

Even though it's been two-and-a-half years since Stereogum posted a cover of "Close to Me" that replaces Robert Smith's girlish charm with Yoni Wolf's quirky insecurity, it appears the track is still available. Grab it now!

With their version of Dylan's "Love Sick," The White Stripes took an ethereal blues ballad, and delivered it somewhere between The Sonics and The Doors. This is a slightly different version than what you'll get on the second CD single for "Fell in Love With a Girl."

2006's Rabbit Fur Coat featured Jenny Lewis and a few other indie superstars twanging out their take on The Traveling Wilburys' (another supergroup) "Handle with Care." Here's one of those heartthrobs now, with a cool, crazy hat and lots of denim.

We'll be back with more later.