Jul 15, 2006

San Diego, Here We Come!

Stoplight Sleep is going to Comic Con!
That’s right, kids: this time when you don’t hear from me for several weeks, there’ll be a good reason for it. Oh My Art Stars and I will actually be in Cali for almost two weeks, but we’ll only be at Comic Con on Thursday and Friday. Along with volunteering each day, you may see us at the following:

Publisher booths, including DC, Slave Labor Graphics, Oni Press, and Fantagraphics; Tim Bradstreet’s booth in artist alley; (BB-11) IFC Presents: This Film is Not Yet Rated (10:15-12:15, Room 6A)

Thursday panels: Spotlight on Daniel Clowes (4:30-5:30, Room 8); Masters of Lowbrow Art, w/Tim Biskup and others (3:00-4:30, Room 5AB); Webcomics 101: Getting Started (6:00-7:00, Room 3)

Friday panels: We might try to get into Straczynski’s panel on writing (1:30-2:30, Room 3); Webcomics 102: Finding Your Audience (4:30-5:30, Room 1B);
Boondocks (5:00-6:00, Room 6CDEF); 52: A Year in the Life of the DCU (6:00-7:00, Room 6B)

I’m also hoping to run into the guys from
CGS, Lene from I Read Comics, and various artists/creators/writers, as well as random celeberties, such as Patton Oswalt and Brendon Small. I’ll try to post some music stuff before I leave, but if I don’t get a chance, see ya when I get back!

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