Sep 5, 2006


A few weeks ago, Baltimore post-rock band Oxes filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Old Navy, who is accused of stealing the band's flier design for one of their T-shirts. This is old news, but I saw several of the T-shirts at the store yesterday. The suit was filed because Old Navy refused to pull the shirts, but I was surprised to see them still in stores.

Oxes have to been known to pull some crazy stunts, such as a staged protest and "split" with Arab on Radar on which they merely impersonated the noise-punk band. Oxes claim that this is not a publicity stunt (although it would be a rather effective one), and I hope they're being honest.

The size of Oxes discography doesn't match the band's talent, but 2002 LP, Oxxxes, is one of the best of the genre. The instrumental band sounds like Pelican meets Shellac, but more on the mathy, indie-rock side.

Here's a track from their [real] split with Big'n on Box Factory records. Sorry, I can't find a link to purchase this EP.

Oxes - "Undefeated"

Oxes on myspace

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