Mar 9, 2008

The Otto Modest

I won't bore you gushing about The Otto Modest, something I've done to almost a fault in other media. They're a band I've been familiar with for over three years, along with developing friendships with a couple members (Lead singer Josh Evans even played at my wedding). I've discovered it's harder and harder to be objective when it comes to them.

Nevertheless, I feel they're a band that people should hear about. Their 2007 release, Badbad can now be had on Emusic and other sites. If you get a chance to pick up the CD, you'll get a unique limited-edition cover.

Rather than say much about them, I'll point you to some links where you can hear them for yourself:

The official Otto Modest site
The Otto Modest on myspace
Buy Badbad on Emusic
Buy Badbad on Amazon

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