Jan 25, 2011

Best of 2010: A Perfect Pair

Seems like we only pop up when it's time to look back at some unit of time. Well, let's jump into it regardless. To start off our look back at the year, taste these succulent appetizers.

"USA Boys" by Health

When Health released "Die Slow" before their second album, the reaction was instant adoration, but when the rest of Get Color was less poppy overall, the feedback was mixed. In one interview, the band reported that fans had asked them to do more like "Die Slow." Enter their second remix album and the opening track, the brand-new single, "USA Boys." Although it's the most upbeat track of their originals, it still contains the band's trademark delayed ring modulation, subdued vocals, and beats driven by the Boss Slicer pedal.

"Lights" by Interpol

Music media: So Interpol's got a new album coming out. You like those dudes, right?
Stoplight Sleep: Yeah, they're great.
MM: You don't think they're too derivative of Joy Division.
SS: Oh, stop it. Pop music is an evolution. Do you have a point?
MM: So are you excited?
SS: Meh, they keep getting more produced and less dynamic. The lyrics are always acrobatic, though. We'll see.
MM: Well, maybe you should watch this video before you decide:

SS: Wow. The slow build, the driving riff, the moody vocals, now that's the dynamic Interpol we've missed.

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