Oct 18, 2006

Thought Bubbles: New Comics for 10/18

52 is really getting crazy now. If you like superhero books and you're not reading this one, I've gotta say you're missing out.

I just read issue one of The Damned. This book has cool, Jazz-Age, organized-crime drama, magical action, and demons! Writer Cullen Bunn has wrapped up some of my favorite things about comics in one original mini. Brian Hurtt, formerly on SS-fav Hard Time, handles the visuals. His hard lines and stretched frames are perfect for the material. Check out a preview and more stuff over here.

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Another book from Oni Press, Wasteland, is on issue 4. This books keeps getting more complex, but it feels like things have just gotten started. Plus, dig those Templesmith covers.

The new Virgin Comics line is intriguing. I don't like Deepak Chopra and his "spiritual thinking," but the concept of building a comic universe around Indian mythology makes Virgin Comics more than just another publisher. Right now the only book I'm reading is Snake Woman. I enjoyed Gayos's artwork in Daredevil: Redemption and the story intrigues me more than the others I've looked into.

As a special note, I've very close to posting my webcomic. I don't have a real artist, so you'll have to tolerate my horrible work. Hopefully posting some of them will help motivate me to find someone handy with a pen. Any suggestions?

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Tim said...

Saw an 8-page preview of Damned a while back and thought it looked pretty sweet. I love Hurtt's artwork, but the preview's dialogue was a bit too hackneyed for my taste. I realize he's going for that fictionalized 30's noir feel ala Dashiell Hammet, but it just read corny to me. Not a deal-breaker though.

And hey man, I am still open to helping out with the webcomic. In fact, it might be a nice break now and then. Drop me a line with some of the stuff you have already and I will see what I can do.

Cheers mate.