Apr 11, 2006

Comic's the Spektor

Sunday was the 1st Annual Comic Expo in Cape Girardeau, MO. Gary Friedrich (Creator of Ghost Rider I/Johnny Blaze), was there to sign. Several vendors and other interesting tables were set up, along with a setup by a local film group who has shot, among other things, a Tomb Raider movie that's garnered some attention and praise, including that of audience members at the show.

Brian Hurtt (Hard Time, Queen & Country), Collen Bunn (The Damned), Chris Samnee (Capote in Kansas), and Matt Kindt (Super Spy) all came down from the St. Louis area for the show. All three did sketches (Bunn is a writer) and autographs. I got a chance to talk to all of them. They were all super pleasant; Collen even looked at one of my comic ideas.

Matt Kindt sketching Green Lantern for Tim Baskin

Chris Samnee

Meeting Brian Hurtt was a big thrill. Hard Time (see my last post) is one of my favorite comics, and I love the fresh artwork, which is penciled by Hurtt. These guys worked really hard all day, doing sketches for what seemed like everyone. At the end of the day, Hurtt took the time to do a quick sketch of Cindy, a Hard Time character for me.

I'm sure you'll be hearing more about these guys from me in the future.

Brian Hurtt drawing the Cindy sketch

The title of this post doesn't make a lot of sense. Regardless, I have some music for you, too. Regina Spektor has two tracks from her upcoming album, Begin to Hope, on her myspace page. "Fidelity" is as good as any of her songs, although perhaps a bit less organic. "Better" kinda sounds like a mess, like she's fighting to keep her vocal originality, the random nature and musicality of her humming and other sounds-making, floating amid a thunderstorm of studio musicians and overproduction.

You can check out the two tracks, as well as two from Soviet Kitsch, make friends, check out her tour schedule, and sign-up for her newsletter on the page.

Hard Time: 50 to Life
Capote in Kansas
The Damned
Soviet Kitsch

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