Apr 27, 2006

Best Week Evva


The Dresden Dolls release their second studio album, which contains some songs from their first album, the live A is for Accident. Despite the fallen heart "Sing" gave me when I heard the acoustic-guitar intro, Yes, Virginia... is full of dramatic piano banging, sexual lyrics, and more of what made their self-titled album so great. The verdict's still out, but this one may actually be better.

Wed. Apr.19

Along with Blood on the Wall, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs rocked the Pageant in St. Louis. It was a full house and they did not disappoint.


Since it's related to comics, I can mention The O.C.
Samerie Armstrong revived her roll as Anna, Seth (Adam Brody) Cohen's ex. I rejoiced.


The film version of my favorite video games, Silent Hill, was released. The franchise, which has also appeared as a comic, received a cold reception from critics due to horrible dialogue and apparent confusion. It's hard for me to understand the latter complaint. But I'm a fanboy. Still, it's the clearest plotline I've ever seen from a French director. It's not quite on the same level, but Jacob's Ladder, which greatly influenced the series, didn't do well at first either.

One of the best parts of any Silent Hill game is the music. I enjoyed that the movie mostly recycled music from the games, although I'm disappointed we didn't get to hear anything new from Akira Yamaoka this time around. Even if you're not into the games, you should check out the soundtracks.

Download "The of Laura (Reprise)" from Silent Hill 2
Download "Rain of Brass Petals" from Silent Hill 3
Download "Melancholy Requiem" from Silent Hill 4
all tracks by Akira Yamaoka

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STL_Ben said...

hey if you want to go see the dresden dolls i have extra tickets and one has your name on it so you are going.