Jan 24, 2007

SS Recommends: Week of 1/23/07

I'm not even done sorting through last year (expect an '06-related podcast soon), and '07 is already off to a raging start. Tuesday gave us the new Shins, another Of Montreal album, the domestic release of Mew's Fengers, along with a handful of other notable releases. But the best of the lot is Deerhoof's Friend Opportunity.

Deerhoof's first
release since the Chris Cohen left the group, Friend Opportunity is another step in the band's evolution from quirky no wave superstars (see also Erase Errata and Melt-Banana) to the foremost purveyors of prog pop. They've been feeling out the combination of hook-friendly tunes and noisy experimentation for the last few years. '04's Milk Man, was the best shot so far, but the new album may have trumped that effort.

You can hear "+81" on the last posted mix or on various places around the net.

Friend Opportunity on insound.
Download the album from Emusic.

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