Feb 5, 2007

Revise & Recommend

I've reposted the podcast due to technical problems which appear to be cleared up now.

Get the podcast here.

I've also got a few recommendations for those of you hitting the comic-book stores this week.

52 #40
Last month, the plotlines of the weekly series hit some key points. Stories that had been moving along slowly finally reached turning points in their conflicts, while others reached the end of one problem and the began a new one. Only three months left!

Batman Year One: Deluxe edition SC
While not as groundbreaking and edgy as his Dark Knight stories, Year One is one of the best Batman stories ever told, particularly for fans of his noir roots fighting more realistic criminals. In this book, Batman is just as mysterious to us as he is to the rest of Gotham.

Fell #7
One can never really count on this book, but all sources seem to indicate a resolicited Feb. 7 release. I really can't praise this book enough, and this one is sure to be another sell-out. Each self-contained story is like Silent Hill meets The Shield. And it's only two bucks!
Check out a preview here (scroll down a bit).

Secret #1
This new book from Dark Horse looks interesting. The plot sounds like some teen slasher, but the emotionally charged artwork is worth the gamble.
Here's a preview.

Get a full list of what's shipping from Diamond.

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