Feb 21, 2008

3-Way Electro Yr Face

1. Get the new album from Kansas City's Ssion /shun/, Fool's Gold. Previous incarnations of this band have spliced the New York take on new-new garage punk and po-mo'd it up to hit all the freaky right notes, including a Rocky Horror reinterpretation ("Opportunity Bless My Soul") and a Minute Man parody ("What Make a Man Start a Band?"), both from the apparently out-of-print-but-worth-hunting-down Opportunity Bless My Soul.

The band has become more electronically oriented in the last couple years, like some of their peers. Mo' money--mo' circuits, i 'pose.

From what I could find, the album is currently only available on iTunes, which I've seen happen before. Who'd have thunk Apple would be bringing the cutting-edge indie tunes to the kids? Luckily, it's an iTunes Plus album. You can also sample some tracks on myspace. Ug.

[mp3] Ssion - Street Jizz
from Fool's Gold (2008)
[mp3] Ssion - Opportunity Bless My Soul
from Opportunity Bless My Soul (2003)

2. Check out the live Klaxons / Rihanna mashup from the Brit Awards. Laser shows are cool!? Or is it lazer in England?

As advertised on Pitchfork.

3. Crystal Castles official release of their self-titled album has been pushed back, but you can pick up the Crystal Castles v. Health - Crimewave single all over the place.

[mp3] Crystal Castles - "Alice Practice"
from Crystal Castles (2008)

Download Crystal Castles v. Health - Crimewave: Emusic Amazonmp3
Preorder Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles: insound

Bonus Track!
[mp3] Klaxons - "Atlantis to Interzone" (Crystal Castles Remix)

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