Feb 14, 2008

Devils and Demons

The second Damned series, Prodigal Sons, should be on the shelves March 19 from Oni Press. Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt (Hard Time, Queen and Country) handle creative duties again. I really enjoyed the first series, which followed Eddie, a classic noir protagonist who can return from the dead when someone touches his body, as he navigates his way through and underworld of organized crime and demons.

The Damned: Prodigal Sons is only a three issue series, but will be followed by another mini, Daughter's Dance.

Fellow STL-artist Chris Samnee (Capote in Kansas, Queen & Country) provides pencils on the upcoming Daredevil one-shot (?), Blood of the Tarantula. I've been unable to find any previews of Samnee's work on the issue, but I'm sure it will be worth getting.

You can expect to see at least Brian and Cullen at the 2008 Cape Comic Con.

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