Sep 3, 2008

Best New Music: Enemy Edition

In honor of the return of the Ricky Gervais Podcast, this (hopefully reoccurring) segment will feature the "enemy" of their new release. Yeah, I know; I'm reaching here.

In August, Ra Ra Riot finally released their first full length, featuring new tracks, a couple old ones, and some re-recordings. The Rhumb Line's enemies are bands like Death Cab and Cursive, who--although still good--have a lost a bit of their edge recently. RRR's ally, the influence of Fugazi, proposes to make this one of 2008's best.

Susu's enemy is all those people who can't stand the influences on the perpetual sleave of contemporary bands. Interpol, Editors, and A.R.E. Weapons are just a few of the newer acts who've received criticism for a lack of originality. I'll admit that none of these bands are going blow knowledgeable minds, but they can't all be Arcade Fire, Rasputina, or Radiohead. There's a value in doing a genre well, and Susu are doing their part to revive a bit of dirty, no-wave influenced indie rock. Unwound is reincartnated on Susu's new release, Win.

Brevity has been fighting a loosing battle against Red Sparowes for several years in song structure, but even more so in song naming. Those hungry for just a post-metal appetizer will be satisfied by their new EP, Aphorisms. With 3 tracks and a total of 17 minutes, this release will leave Red Sparowes's biggest fans (like myself), wanting more, but it's better than nothing. Screw you, Brevity! Mogwai's new album is around the corner.

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