Nov 8, 2008

All-Time Top 10

Recently, my wife and I made a list of our top 10 songs of all time. I could just as easily come up with 4 other lists of 10 songs that I love equally, but here's mine in chronological order.

"The Bewlay Brothers" by David Bowie, from Hunky Dory
"Last Goodbye" by Jeff Buckley, from Grace
"Falling" by Ben Kweller, from Sha Sha
"Caring is Creepy" by The Shins, from Oh, Inverted World
"Samson" by Regina Spektor, from Songs
"Take Me to the Hospital" by the Faint, from Saddle Creek 50
"Staring at the Sun" by TV on the Radio, from Young Liars and Desparate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes
"Twilight" by the Raveonettes, from Pretty in Black
"Ice Cream" by Muscles, from Guns Babes Lemonade
"The Hollows" by Why?, from Alopecia

The list is a little contemporary-heavy, but it's meant to be personal. These are the songs that I enjoy most at this point in my life, although I had to take a hatchet to a list of 40 to cut it down this much. Post your 10 as well!


stl_ben said...

hahaha you hate my music...
mine also is more to do with now than top ten of my life

in no particular order;

Fall Out boy - Dance Dance
The White Stripes - Ball and Biscuit
Imogen Heap - Hide and Seak
Damien Rice - Blowers Daughter
Pixies - Where is my mind?
lil Wayne - Mrs. officer
Kings of leon - use somebody
Girl Talk - play your part (pt. 2)
Brand New - Sic transit Gloria...Gloria Fades
Rage Against the machine - Wake up

Jarret L Green said...

Actually, I would say most of those are great tracks.

mattholomew said...

I can't resist. And I'm old.

In no order:
The Velvet Underground: Venus In Furs
Television: See No Evil
Sonic Youth: Schizophrenia
Jesus & Mary Chain: Just Like Honey
Public Enemy: Fight The Power
Husker Du: Flip Your Wig
The Arcade Fire: Tunnels
Portishead: Sour Times
Sufjan Stevens: Chicago
Wilco: I Am Trying To Break Your Heart