Jun 23, 2006

The O.C., minus the Barton

In the newest issue of Spin, Misha Barton is listed #8 on their 25 under 25 list. The blurb begins, "Were it not for her character's penchant for lesbian flings, booze, and bad boys, The O.C. would have been all about comic books and indie rock. Thank you, Josh Schwartz.

Anyone who has watched The O.C. has been exposed to some great music. If you'd like to know just what, you can hop on over to the site and check out the soundtrack for each episode.

It's also been host to many, although inconsistent, comic book references. During season two, Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) and co-star/fellow-comic-lover Zack Stevens (Michael Cassidy) begin a comic book club and even create their own comic, which they unsuccessfully pitch to Wildstorm.

The show has featured at least two references to Kavalier and Clay, Michael Chabon's Pulitzer-winning comic-related novel about two young men creating a new comic character in the mid-twentieth century. One of the men is gay. In one episode of The O.C., Seth compares himself and adopted-brother Ryan to the main characters of the book. This, along with some other references and details I won't bore you with make for some pretty believable slash fiction material.

Next time, I'll have some serious music and comics goodness. Until then, enjoy this:

Rufus Wainwright - California

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