Jun 14, 2006

Podcast Alley

The Comics Podcasts Network contains some of the best podcasts you'll ever hear. Basically, the site compiles every episode post from it's members, which include some of my favorite podcasts.

Comic Geek speak is one of the oldest and most prolific podcasts of its type. Several times a week, Bryan "Um" Deemer, Peter "Stump the" Rios, Jamie "Shiznit Pimp" D., Kevin "I'll probably misspell this" Moyer, Kevin, and Matt (I don't remember their last names) get together to talk recent issues, classics, comic-related issues, do interviews, talk trivia, make fun of Rob Liefeld, and do interviews. Speaking of, I got to be on episode 75 because I named their letter column. You can sometimes find me on their message board as Cascade. WARNING: These guys are huge nerds!

I Read Comics is my new favorite comics-related podcast. Lene Taylor, the self-proclaimed "
only woman with a comics podcast," reviews comics, rants on comics, and does comic-related interviews with her own unique twist. She often discusses feminist views on the medium and indie comics that you won't hear discussed on other podcasts. It's got everything from Donna Troy to gay porn.

I started listening to Comics News Insider because they interviewed Patton Oswalt, but now I'm hooked. They're podcast is basically news and reviews focused. Imagine a weekly TV magazine on comics and related issues.

Indie Spinner Rack is probably the loosest of the four mentioned here. The show has an organic feel, with lots of silly jokes and distracting editing. Like I Read Comics, you're likely to hear about stuff here that you won't hear on the other two. These guys know there stuff and have some friends in the biz. Plus their site looks spiffy!

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