Jun 6, 2006

Revenge of the Spektor

The Venger from Ronin Press

Local artist Tim Baskin will be handling all the art duties on Venger #2. The book should be out very soon. Until then, here's a preview . . .

. . . and a pinup!

Regina Spektor

Begin to Hope, Regina Spektor's fourth album, comes out on June 13th. Until then, there are all sorts of previews and media floating around the net.

Hear "Fidelity" and "Better" on myspace.
Watch the video for "Better."
Listen to another new track, "Summer in the City."

If anyone needs a different/smaller format, let me know.

EDIT: Speak of the angel. As I was working on this post, I received another Spektor-related link. Watch the beautiful video for "Samson."
This is a new version of a song that originally appeared on Songs, which seems to be hard-to-find now. The new version is slightly cleaner, but otherwise the same. Most of her stuff is also available on iTunes and you can stream it all on her site.

Today's Links

Regina Spektor homepage
Regina Spektor on insound.com
Buy Songs by Regina Spektor on cdbaby

The Venger blog

Tim Baskin

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