Mar 17, 2006

Expo & Post pt1

There's something cool going on in Cape, comic fans!

What follows in part one of a essay I'm working on about my tastes and opinions concerning indie and what I call post-punk music (although I think I'm totally misusing the label).

Post pt1

Early this year, my girlfriend and I were browsing a department store for items to purchase with our credit from returned Xmas presents. As I was perusing the stainless steel cookware (We got a wok), an ad for Pontiac echoed through the nearly empty aisles. I unconsciously ignored the commercial until I recognized the song: Robbers on High Street'’s "“Japanese Girls."” Until that moment, the song'’s slow, warm Television-inspired chords had inspired visions of a cooler life in a cooler town. Robbers on High Street were on track to being grouped with my other classic indie-style favs, even though they are on New Line [Cinema] Records. I haven'’t listened to a single track from Tree City since then. Not because I'’m so idealistically oppose commercialism, but because their music was somehow tainted. Instead of being associated with my girlfriend or a lazy afternoon, they reminded me of the cold white tile of the home section at Macy's and rebates on 2005 models.

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