Mar 3, 2006

Everything Nice to Download

I fully intended on updating last night. Instead, I found myself immersed in a newly discovered web comic, Nothing Nice to Say. The self-proclaimed "world's first online punk comic" has simultaneously discouraged me from attempting a web comic and inspired me to finally do one. I feel like Mitch Clem has already done it better than I could. Although I'd have a slightly different perspective, you'd hear the same song. However, the success of a comic that touches on issues such as the flawed morality of organized religion and sexism then makes fun of Fifteen and Pennywise indicates the availability of an eager audience.

In encourage you to browse all of the archives (as many jokes are running), but I've handpicked a few of my favs.
I Hate Bill Keane
Millions of Dead Cartoonists
I Hate GG Allen
Guest Strip by Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content
and this Guest Strip by Francesco Marciuliano of Medium Large

In case you're not as indie know as me (and I hope for your sake you're not as nerdy as me), the SXSW festival is coming up. South by Southwest features hundreds of bands, films, and other performers. Anyone who's anyone in the independent media community will be there. I will not be there.

But I do have almost a thousand mp3s from the showcasing talent. These torrent files feature songs from Islands (formerly Unicorns), Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell, and RJD2. I highly recommend the dl, but make sure you have enough space on your harddrive and remember to upload; don't be a leach.

That's all for now friend.


Thrower said...

Headed to Austin on the 8th for AWP, I think there a couple days where the two events overlap. I will be hunting shit and sniping crap

Punxer than thou said...

I introduced you to that comic (with an "unfunny" strip, apparently). Whee.

I typed the url for this blog but it came out "stoplight eep."

Is "indie know" supposed to be a pun, like "in the know?" If so, very funny, but shame on you.

Sorry you can't go to SXSW. Sorry you don't have a webcomic, yet...

But you should...