Mar 29, 2006

Thank You Note

Dear Polyvinyl Record Company,

You don't know me, and that's fine. I'm not writing to be personal; I just want to thank you. Thank you for putting out Mates of States new album, Bring it Back on vinyl. Thank you for making it cheaper than the CD. Thank you for making it gatefold with all the lyrics written on the sleeve and several cute pictures of Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel, the husband and wife duo that compose the band.

Thank you for allowing the warm organ tones that sound like The Postal Service making a kids album without all the computing. Bring It Back may not be as playful as Team Boo or Our Constant Concern (Mates of States's second and third LPs, respectively), but the songs are given more depth by layered, choral vocals. Thanks for making the record 180 gram vinyl. Most of all, thanks for bringing a little extra warmth to this early spring.

Stoplight Sleep

You can hear "Fraud in the 80s" and "Like U Crazy" from Mates of States's Bring it Back as well other tracks at their website.
You can download "Fraud in the 80s" on Polyvinyl's site.


Yrs said...

Cute. I'll be sure to pass it on to the PV.

Thrower said...

They almost make me feel young again.